Book # 3 Chapter Teaser

Book #3 is in the works and coming along nicely! Although, I still haven't  decided on a Title yet. But  hey, I'm still working it out. It will all fall into place by the time it is finished. Okay, now onto what you were waiting for.

Book # 3 Chapter 1 Teaser Enjoy! (keep in mind this the first round and is subject to change...and lengthen)

Chapter 1

Sebastian strolled into the dingy 1800's plantation, slamming the wooden door behind him. The inside of the house looked just as it always did. The living room, to the right, chocolate colored paint on the walls and lace across the wooden tables and Victorian furniture. White paint and daisies were the decor of choice in the kitchen, to the left. The smell of home-style fried chicken wafted through the house.

I see they still have Manard doing the cooking around here. On;y thing he was good at when he was human, smells like the supernatural has improved his culinary skills.

His glance moved from the kitchen doorway to the dinning room, further back in the open room next to the stairs. Candle wax dripped from the candelabra and onto the claw foot table it sat upon. Dark wooden frames draped in silk, covered the clustering chairs. The flickering flame bouncing off the walls added to the ambiance.

The angry glow of golden eyes burned as bright as flames and hovered just above the far end of the table, a low voice floated into the air.

We were expecting you. Been a long time, Sebastian.”

He smirked at the darkness and bit back a laugh. “Yes, it has. I see they haven't tired of their pup yet? Tell me, Arkos, are you still on the teat or have you shed your milk teeth and moved to bones?”

He waited. He knew what was coming. At the last possible second he slid to the left, just out of reach of the attacking wolf, and kicked as hard as he could when the dog landed beside him.

Oh, I how I have missed this little game if tit for tat.”

He pressed his booted foot across Arko's throat, applying pressure, smiling the entire time.

Now, Dog, where do they have Jaxson?”

Jaxson is dead!”

He gritted his teeth and pressed harder, the wolf on the floor clawed at his boots and jeans in attempt to pry himself free.

You lie, I can smell it on you. Now,Tell me...”He pressed harder. “...the truth.”

Fresh claw marks and the smart ass comment “I watched them gut him like a fish.” from the low life on the floor, finalized his decision. He looked into the angry golden eyes once more, gave a polite smile and with a quick jerk, broke Arko's neck.

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