Singin' Sneek Peek!

Rock n Roll Promises
Sneek Peek
Oh a different position.  Plastered against the cool wall, he started anew from behind her. Reaching back, she grabbed a hand full of his ass in each of hers. A loud deep moan sounded in her ear when her long red nails dug in again.  His pace quickened. She felt it building, staring at her core once more.  The heat from within her had him moving at an Olympic speed.  The room filled with the sound of their moans and the thumping of the wall.  Her hips in his hands, he moved faster and faster. Heat and chills raced up and down her spine as her energy peeked.   Another volcanic explosion and her body stiffened with his, as the onslaught of the orgasm took over.

The bed screeched along the floor when she followed his lead and her tired sweaty body crumpled onto the bed. Her head rolled to the side as she looked at him. She noticed his body fashioned as much sweat as hers. His eyes were closed and he rested his hands on his chest as he tried to catch his breath. Holy cow that was the best sex I have ever had! His whispered voice sounded next to her.

“How was that?”
“It was okay.” Actually, that was great, but let’s not feed his ego too much. She almost laughed at the questioning and confused expression that crossed his face.

“Okay? I made you scream more than once I recall.”

“Yea, I was faking it for your sake. Didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

“Oh really?”


“Huh, it didn’t feel faked to me.  Your screams of pleasure were pretty convincing. I think you are lying.”

Chills ran the throughout her frame, when he gently ran his fingers up and down her leg. She concentrated on keeping her breathing even. She rolled her eyes his direction and placed a coy smile on her face.  “Guess you will be left with that burning question.”

“And what question would that be?”

“Was I genuine, or did I fake it.” So, genuine, my cravings just may change. Whew, my heart is pounding.

“Guess there is only one way to find out. We will just have to do it again, only this time, see if you can keep from screaming out my name.”

“Funny, I don’t remember screaming out your name. Perhaps you were hearing things.”

“Oh no? Well you will this time around.”

Not…fair!  Cheating…Soft brown hair, twisted and tangled in her hands, she wrapped her legs around his neck as he started round two.
  Her heart pounded in her chest as she frantically searched her naked body for injuries.  She noted her body ached but she found nothing. No cuts, no broken bones and certainly no holes or gashes to equal that amount of blood loss. Her head popped up and she crossed the room to the vanity and stared into the mirror. Her hair stuck to her head, her eyes still puffy from sleep, and her skin looked a bit pale. She found it a second later. Her heart and her breath stuck in throat. Her chest held in a tight grip of fear. She leaned closer to her reflection to inspect the blood on her neck and right shoulder. Her hands pulled and tugged at the skin, but no marks shown. No evidence of a cause. She licked her fingers and ran it across the stain upon her neck. It wiped clean away showing perfect undamaged skin. Afraid and confused, her mind went into a tailspin as she tried to figure it out.
“First let me say I’m very sorry for what I did. I never meant for it to happen. I wasn’t planned.”
She looked him in the eye, and spoke harshly. “Just tell me what happened so I can go home.”
(spoiler's name)  quick movements caught her attention and she glanced his direction. He buried his face in his hands and shook his head. A second later, he ran his hands down his face, and threw his hair, clearly disturbed. Oh God, this is bad. Her attention shot back to the man in fornt of her. He watched his friend a moment, then back to her.
 “Unfortunately, you can never go back there. I have stolen that life from you. “
Confused and angry “What do you mean, stolen that life from me?”
“Exactly what it sounds like. For you that life is over. In my excitement I have given you a new life.”
“And against her will!” The other man in th room shouted.
“You are confusing me. Please just get on with it.”
Her mind and body seemed frozen place. Anticipation, and not the good kind, overrode her fear. She wanted answers. As her heart pounded in her chest, sweat beads erupted across her skin and nausea tightened her stomach. 
 (Spoiler hidden~He explained the situation~)
Flashes of images from books and old movies played behind her opened eyes. Mixing, twisting, and jumbling up into a mass confusion she couldn’t work through. Too much information and yet at the same time not enough. She looked at him, furrowing her brow.
Her breath caught, her eyes bulged and her heart raced her pulse. Confusion at his words mixed with the truth and realization. This can’t be. That’s horror movie stuff. Shaking her head no, her chest heaved and she felt as if she might pass out due to her hyperventilating. No! No! No! This is some kind of sick joke.  She continued to mumble incoherently to herself. 
“Not true…not real…not me…”
Her head bobbed back and forth, forcefully when (name) grabbed her and tried to shake some sense into her. She glared at him and pulled away, when she refocused her eyes. She felt completely numb and moved on auto- pilot. “Don’t touch me.” She tried to pull away.

Two hours until sunset…She stood with her back against the wall and stared at her newly remodeled house. All that time and energy now wasted. Her kitchen now darkening and somber, seemed to match her mood. With the help of her friends, the cute Café table sat nestled along the far side of the kitchen, out of the way, and the chairs carefully stacked against the wall. Her eyes turned and lingered on the living room. All of her pretty wood and plush furniture which once sat neatly sprawled around the room, now crammed into every corner.  Where Maroon and Cream used to beautifully mesh together and flow through the room, today looked as splotches on canvas corners.
The glowing dark rays of the sunset splashed the room through curtain-less windows.  Inhaling once, she took one last look, returned to the present and her awaiting task.  I am sure glad that I have money, because I am sure all of my stuff is going to be destroyed. If we all make it…it will be worth it.
She strode over to her stereo and clicked the play button. Metallica’s Seek and Destroy wailed through the speakers. Heading to her room, she let the music fuel her adrenaline. Time to prepare for battle!  
Through the bedroom door, she marched to her closet and flung open the double doors. Her Black leather outfit felt smooth in her shaky hand. She crossed the room, dropped the garment on her bed and pulled off her clothes.  She yanked the one-piece outfit over her limbs and slowly pulled the zipper closed in the front.  It fit as tightly as skin. The leather squeaked a bit as she moved her arms and legs, testing for mobility. She dropped onto the softness that was her bed and pulled on her tall black boots, she had sitting under her nightstand. Dressed and ready she walked to the bathroom, and put her hair in a loose ponytail.
Let the ass kickin' begin!


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