Chapter One Teaser

Here is the entire first chapter! Enjoy.
Rock n Roll Promises
Chapter 1

This is nice.

A soft glow illuminated the room due to the sporadically lit candles. The flame light bounced off the curtains framing the bed. She noticed the walls were a deep maroon color until halfway down then they were a beige color beneath white trim. The cream carpet was plush and added softness to the area. The bedroom was small but perfect for the task.  

Her silk teddy moved easily upon her frame as she walked to the bed.

Big and comfy!

The black sheets felt like silk against her body as she crawled on her hands and knees to the big plush pillows at the end of the bed. Her long, brown curls played around her shoulders when she moved. They were as soft as the sheets beneath her. Her nerves pricked at her skin and her pulse raced when she heard his footsteps down the hall.  

Now or never. Here he comes and a promise is a promise.

Her heart raced in anticipation. The big fluffy clouds of white cotton shook slightly in her nervous grasp as she snatched them up and stacked them against the headboard. She rolled onto her back and posed playfully upon the pillows. She put one knee up with a heel on the bed and laid the other to the side, slightly bent. It left just enough of a gap between her legs to show a small peek at what she promised. She wore exactly what he had asked for: the dark red and black teddy.

Her cleavage sat mounded high upon her chest, barely covered with the satiny fabric. Under her bust line, the fabric cinched together in a laced pattern and ran all the way down her stomach, making a V-shape between her thighs. Black stockings covered her legs up to mid-thigh and fastened to a black garter belt.

I hope he likes my heels. I think they set the outfit off nicely. They look like something a porn star would wear. Oh, how I love six inch spikes! With her left hand above her head and the right one on her inner thigh, she waited for the door to open. 

I hope this is over quickly. I know I can handle this, but I would definitely be happier to endure less of him. The creaking sounds of the opening door filled the room.

Thank God, he is ready. Finally!

The door swung wide and there he stood, tall, buff and naked.

Oh, la la! This might not be so bad after all. His clothes hid the sexy beneath them. He was but a few heartbeats away. With her eyes fully focused, she traced his frame. Shadows cast by candlelight played upon his tanned skin. His broad shoulders moved his muscled arms slightly as he walked closer. Streams of water ran from his dark black hair down his sculpted chest and slid the length of his frame, down his stomach, flexing his tight abs as he moved. Strong hips and toned legs carried him to the end of the bed. His clean, shaved face was smooth and it softened his hard features.

Chocolate mousse eyes...gorgeous. Bad boy all the way. His body is so hot, I bet I could fry eggs on those abs.

“I have waited a long time for this, Anna.”  

“Let’s get this over with, already. I hope you don’t plan to bore me the whole time.”

He can never know how much I have always wanted this. Ugh. My stomach is now in knots. I can do this, just focus on his body, that should help. I hope he is as good in bed as he looks. Oh and he looks good. I just want to throw him down and lick his rock hard stomach.

Small waves of heat caressed her ankles as he slid her shoes off her feet. Tossing them to the side, he bent down and delicately kissed each of her toes. Two small pops echoed through the room when he opened the clips holding her hose. His coarse hands felt soft as silk when he placed a hand on each side of her leg and gently slid her stockings off. Fire ignited inside her body and caused her heart to beat faster and her pulse to speed up. She eyed his every move. Pulling her legs apart, he climbed onto the bed, and slowly crawled toward her. A shock wave swam down her spine when he leaned down and kissed small patterns on her neck.

Oh my God, that feels good.

Hot air from his breath mixed with wet kisses, coated her cleavage. Will power fading, she struggled to keep control. Her hips moved slightly, beckoning him onward. His teeth grabbed the fabric holding the bodice together. She watched as his eyes rolled toward her face and he smiled. She jerked a bit when he tugged the laces that held the garment closed. Her breasts spilled out, displaying themselves to him. Gently he pulled the rest of the laces out and slid the garment off, tossing it on to the floor. 

For crying out loud take me already!

Cool air danced across her skin, causing her nipples to harden and goose bumps to spread across her body. A lusty smile crossed his lips before he kissed her.

Oh, minty!

As she kissed him she felt his hand move down her stomach and back. Her eyes slowly closed when he cupped her breasts and moved to suckle them as she gave into pleasure. Her breath escaped her chest in heavy bursts as a moan passed her lips. Spending a few moments on each, she felt him as he moved downward. Chest. Stomach. Belly button. Each thigh.

Flames of passion danced along her skin and swam through her veins. Screams of pleasure reverberated off the walls and echoed in her ears, fueling the fire. Her eyes rolled back in her head as his tongue worked wildly up and down while he sucked her button at the same time.

With her legs wrapped tightly around his neck, her hands wound in his hair. She could contain her composure no longer, and she moved her hips, her back, and her legs. She screamed again as he continued like an animal, crazed and untamed. Sweat glistened off her body and ran down her skin. Muscles tight, she held on for dear life as the pressure got hotter and built further. Her body craved release so she pulled him closer, tighter.

“Don’t stop.” 

Higher and higher, it rose as she reached her peak. All her energy burst through the barrier and squeezed through her pores. Ecstasy rippled through her body, wave after wave. Pleasure bells rang in her ears and she tingled all over, leaving her light headed. Her skin was sensitive, and it seemed as if all the hair on her body swayed in the breeze from the open window, adding to the excitement. On the verge of hyperventilating, she tried to catch her breath. Silk scraped her back as his arms hooked around her legs and pulled her to him. He filled her completely and rapidly as he moved back and forth. Positioned just right, every thrust hit her G-spot, sending more shock waves of pleasure through her. Moans passed her lips. Her hands grabbed his waist and slowly traveled upward. Her nails etched trails of desire down his back. The sound of his beastly moans filled her ears and let loose the wild animal she had locked away.

Placing a hand beside her and squeezing her leg muscles, she rolled him onto his back. Arching her frame, she tore at his chest as she slid on top on of him. She felt his hands on her and she craved more. She had fallen into a fiery inferno and lost herself to it. She attacked him as if she would never have this again. She moved, she squirmed and she cried out as another orgasm erupted.

Oh, a different position. 

Plastered against the cool wall, he started anew from behind her. Reaching back, she grabbed a hand full of his ass in each of hers. A loud, deep moan sounded in her ear when her long, red nails dug in again. His pace quickened. She felt it building, starting at her core once more. The heat from within her had him moving at an Olympic speed. The room filled with the sound of their moans and the thumping of the wall. With her hips in his hands, he moved faster and faster. Heat and chills raced up and down her spine as her energy peaked yet again. Another volcanic explosion and her body stiffened with his as the onslaught of the euphoria took over.

The bed screeched along the floor as she followed his lead, as her tired and sweaty body crumpled onto the bed. Her head rolled to the side as she looked at him. She noticed his body fashioned as much sweat as hers. His eyes were closed and he rested his hands on his chest as he tried to catch his breath.

Holy cow that was the best sex I have ever had!

His whispered voice sounded next to her.

“How was that?”

“It was OK.”

Actually, that was great, but let’s not feed his ego too much.

She almost laughed at the questioning and confused expression that crossed his face.

“OK? I made you scream more than once, I recall.”

“Yeah, I was faking it for your sake. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

“Oh, really?”


“Huh, it didn’t feel faked to me. Your screams of pleasure were pretty convincing. I think you are lying.”

Chills ran throughout her frame as he gently ran his fingers up and down her leg. She concentrated on keeping her breathing even. She rolled her eyes his direction and placed a coy smile on her face. 

“Guess you will be left with that burning question.”

“And what question would that be?”

“Was I genuine, or did I fake it?”

It was so damn good my cravings just may change. Whew, my heart is pounding.

“Guess there is only one way to find out. We will just have to do it again. Only this time, see if you can keep from screaming out my name.”

“Funny, I don’t remember screaming out Jaxson. Perhaps you were hearing things.”

“Oh no? Well, you will this time around.”

Not…fair! Cheating…

Soft dark hair twisted and tangled in her hands as she wrapped her legs around his neck and he started round two.



Her eyes squinted against the light from the windows as she flung the covers over her body. She pushed and shook Jaxson in an attempt to wake him. 

“Wake up, Jaxson! Get up and close those dang curtains.”

“Huh? What is wrong, Anna?”

Huddled under the blankets, she placed a hand on his face and spoke softly.

“The curtains…close them.”

“Why? I thought the light didn’t bother you.”

“I won’t fry, if that is what you are referring to, but it doesn’t mean I’m a morning person. I don’t like sunlight before I have had my morning coffee.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. How about after I close the curtains I go make some coffee?”

“That would be nice, thanks.”

Snuggled on her side of the bed, naked and warm, she watched him move closer. She raised her hand to his mouth with one hand and covered hers with the other.


“What? I kissed you last night. Oh, sorry, morning breath?”

“That was last night. You got what you were promised and yes, partly morning breath.”

“Anna, come on. You don’t expect me to believe this was all just for some promise. You enjoyed yourself and you and I both know it.”

“That is beside the point. The answer is still no.”

“Then what was point of last night?”

“We made a deal. I promised you could have this one night in exchange for your silence.”

“BS, you know I wouldn’t tell anyone. I have known your secret for years and I have kept it without…your promise.”

Rolling over swiftly, she threw the covers off and marched across the room for her bag, too angry to notice the bright light. Her heart beat against her chest, and her breathing got faster. Plush carpet underfoot and halfway to her bag, she rounded on him.

“What exactly did you think was going to come of this? Did you think you were so good a lay I would just turn to Jell-O and forget all the reasons why this won’t work?”

“No, I didn’t, and it can work, if you would just try.”

“How can it work? You know what I am.”

She took a step back as she watched him hurl himself off the bed and stomp in her direction. 

He is sexy when he walks in clothes, but now…

Shaking her head, she dislodged the lustful thought and focused on the problem. Jaxson! Two steps closer and she would end up in his arms.

Focus and control.

Turning away from his nakedness, she walked the remaining distance to her bag in the corner. She dropped to her knees and grabbed her clean clothes.

“Anna, please just listen to me. I know what you are probably better than you do.”

“Good, then you know vampires can’t have human mates. Well, not without serious consequences.”

“You can say that all you want, but it’s not true. You are not a vampire.”

This was a bad idea. I should have just had Angus glamour him or something. He is like a dog with a bone.

Denim sliding against her thighs, she pulled her pants up and fastened the buttons. She reached for her bra, put it on and threw on her soft T-shirt. As she tugged the shirt into place she pulled her hair from the collar and then looked at him.

“I’m not? Then what am I?” She moved her hands as she spoke. “Because all this time spent thinking I was a vamp, whew, that time was wasted. Thanks for your enlightenment.”

“No need to be snarky, you know what I mean.”

“No, I guess I don’t. I thought you understood.”

“In the technical sense you may be a vamp, but not really. You’re more like a super human.”

“So now I’m wonder woman?”

“Anna…let me make some coffee and we can sit and talk. At least give me that.”

“Fine, but only because I need coffee…and music. You have any rock lying around?”

“I have plenty of rock: AC/DC, Heart, and Metallica, just for you. See, told you I knew you.”

“You don’t know me that well! You forgot Motley Crue and Poison.”

‘No, they are actually in the player. I have them for me—I bought the others for you.”

“Oh, so are you going to make coffee naked?”

“Actually I am. I always go around the house naked unless I have company.”

With her hand on her chest she said, “I’m company.”

“If you can’t handle seeing me naked, just say so and I will put on some clothes. I wouldn’t want you to be… uncomfortable.”

Just great! Charming, sexy, and a cute coy smile…what have I gotten myself into?

She sighed deeply, and with her hand on the bridge of her nose, she tried to relax. Raising her head, she glared at him.

“Put some dang clothes on, I’ll make the coffee. Perve!”

Laughter filled her ears as she strode passed him and out of the room. Pulling the door shut, she walked down the hallway in hunt for the kitchen, coffee and rock music.

I have to find a way to make him see the truth or I will never be rid of him unless I leave permanently. I really love it here in Faytown, so let’s just hope he sees reason.

She stopped briefly in the living room, grabbed the remote, and clicked the ON button. “Talk Dirty to Me” by Poison blared through the speakers and rattled the windows.

Figures it would be that song. He is a perve!  

Her feet padded across the carpet as she headed for the kitchen. 

Dang, the tile in this kitchen is cold.

Up on her tiptoes with her hands on the doorknobs, she searched the cabinets for filters and coffee cans. She was focused on finding her fix, so she didn’t notice the music drop several levels. The loud clatter of banging cabinets filled the kitchen when his unexpected voice sounded in her ear and caused her to jump.

“The coffee and filters are in the pantry.”

With her hand on his chest, heart pounding against her palm she said, “Jesus, Jaxson, you scared me. Warn me next time.”

“I thought that turning down the music was warning enough.”

“It probably would have been, if I had been paying attention.”

“Here, sit down. Let me get it. It will be faster that way, it is my kitchen and I know where everything is.”

“Fine.” She walked over and sat on the bar stool.

Her elbows rested on the marble and her fingers thrummed the counter. She watched him scurry around the kitchen gathering materials to make coffee.

He had to put on just PJ pants without a shirt. What a tease. It’s working. This is going to be battle I am not sure I will win.

The sound of percolating coffee filled her ears and she inhaled deeply, taking in the sweet aroma of fresh, hot goodness.

French Vanilla Blend, he just might know me after all.

She watched the muscles in his back flex and move as he reached into the top cabinet and grabbed two mugs.

And tall coffee mugs, too.

She tried to avoid eye contact when he handed over her morning fix. Mug in hand, she pressed her lips and blew the steam from the coffee. She turned her eyes up and started the conversation.

“So, talk. You have a two-cup time limit. When I finish the second cup, I’m leaving.”

“Drink up. Let’s review the facts. Fact one: Yes you were bitten, but you are not a vamp...”

“How do you figure? I was turned. Trust me, I know. I was there.”

“Alright, you were bitten and turned, but you don’t act like a vamp. I mean, you don’t feed off people or even animals. As I far as I can tell you don’t feed off blood at all. Your body relies on food, just like any other human.”

“But I’m not any other human.”

“I know! I know you, Anna, you may not think so, but I do. You can quiz me if that is what it takes.”

Dropping her arms, but not her gaze, she set the cup on the counter.

A test? That’s wonderful. This will solve my problem easily. If he knew all there was to know, he wouldn’t be so hell bent on being with me. 

Okay Mr. Know-it-all, here is your first question. When was I turned?”

“Australia, 1973, New Year’s Eve, in a small bar where I believe a new up-and-coming rock group was playing. That is the night you met him. He bought you drinks. You danced, talked, and partied until almost dawn. Three hours before dawn you left with him and went back to his apartment. The party continued there until you were both blitzed, and you ended up sleeping together. Before the sun had risen, your life changed. When you fully awoke a few days later, he told you of what happened. So, I guess technically you were turned New Year’s Day, 1974.”

“How did you know that?”

“I’m correct, then?”

“Yes, deadly accurate, but answer my question. How did you know?”

“I told you I know you. Ask another one.”

Anger flashed through her faster than the coffee.

“No, tell me how you knew. I have only told one other, my best friend, Paige Hendrix, and I know she didn’t tell you.”

“No, she did not. Someone else did.”

“Who told you?”

“I will answer that question last. Any more questions you want to ask?”

 “What is the name of the man who turned me?”

“Sebastian. No last name. Tall, muscular, faded black jeans and a white silk button up shirt with only the bottom three buttons fastened. Well, that is what he looks like now a days.”

“How do you know about him?”

“We will get to that later. We are not talking about me, next question.”

She sipped the coffee and thought about what to ask next.

Where is he getting this information? I have to find out. I am just going to have to play along for now. Her body warmed, but her muscles felt tense and her mind settled into unease.

 This should throw him off.

Why do I drink coffee?”

“Two reasons. One, you are a sucker for French Vanilla and two, it warms your body so you can pass for a regular Joe. Your body temp will feel like everyone else’s. Keep them coming, I will refill your cup for you.”

Dang, boy has done his homework.

She eyed him suspiciously as he moved around the bar and refilled her cup. Sliding off the stool, she retraced her steps and went to the bedroom with Jaxson hot on her heels.

“What are you doing? You haven’t finished your second cup of coffee yet.”

“I’m getting my stuff. I’ll be leaving soon. I have a few more questions for you and then I want to hear how you know so much.”

“Come back to the kitchen, sit down and ask away. I will not shy away from anything you ask.”

She stared into his eyes and saw the truth of his words reflecting back at her. Her heart pounded in her ears and her pulse quickened.

I can’t fall in love with him, it won’t work.

Sighing, she dropped her stare and bent over to pick up her bag. She strung it over her shoulders and walked around his frozen frame and watchful gaze as she headed back to the kitchen.

The sunlight through the windows danced across the walls in the living room as well as her skin.

So warm and bright.

She crossed to the stereo and flipped open the player. She snatched a CD from the pocket of her bag, popped it in the player and pushed play. She turned the dial to raise the volume and “Country Song” by Seether filled the room.

The lyrics played in her ears and her heart matched the beats of the song, causing her feet to tap and her body to fill with energy. With heat on her skin, eyes closed and her breathing even, she stood statue still in the center of the room. Every hair and every muscle danced to the same beat as the music pounded through the speakers.


Instinctively she spun, her hands wrapped around flesh and she picked it up and thrashed it onto the floor.

As light as a feather.

With her teeth clenched and a growl in her throat, she refocused her eyes to find chocolate mousse staring back at her.

“Jaxson!” She released her grip as she stood.

“What was that for?”

“Never, and I mean never, touch me when I lose myself.”

“Lose? What does that mean?”

“Nothing. Never mind. Are you OK?”

“I’m fine, and let me say, that was awesome! I knew you were quick, but dang, I never saw it coming. I went from standing and touching your shoulder to on my back with your hands around my throat in less than a heartbeat. Like I said, awesome! I mean, look at you. You’re tall, lean and very strong, but more to my point, you don’t look like what most people would expect a vamp to look like.”


“Yes, really. Look at all the movies and books over the years. Ghostly white runway models basically, or old horror movie monster. You are a very beautiful, healthy, average-size woman. Not a pencil. You have curves and nice ones, I might add.”

Her eyes rolled and she shook her head.

“It would have served you right if you were hurt.”

“Can I get up now, or are you not done standing there glaring at me?”

“I’m so done.” She scooped up her bag and walked toward the door.

“Wait!” He said.

She stopped her advance but didn’t turn around.

She asked, “What?”

“You said you had a few more questions, so ask before you leave.”

With her back to him, she tilted her head slightly in his direction. “If you can answer this question correctly, I will listen to the rest of your argument because if you know the answer to it, you might actually know me. What is it I crave, the one thing as a vampire I have to have in order to live? You already know it is not blood.”

She leaned her ear toward the living room and listened to his heartbeat, his breathing, his pulse picking up and even the proverbial wheels spinning in his brain, but she did not hear an answer.  There was only silence.

That is what I thought.

Without glancing back, she moved once more and his voice stopped her yet again.

“Anna! Do this, think back over your life since you were changed and you will see I have been there the whole time.”

“Jaxson, my memory is crystal clear, and you stepped into my life when I moved from Australia back to Faytown.”

“You asked how I knew, and I am telling you, if you think back, really think back, you will find me.”

Spinning on her heels, she faced the man still on the floor.

“What is the purpose of this? What is this going to solve? Why can’t you just tell me how you know?”

“Because, Anna, by doing it this way, it will answer more than just one question. When you find me in your past, you will understand why I can be a part of your future. I have never left you and I never will, no matter what you decide.”

“I hate riddles, Jaxson! If you really knew me, you would know that.”

“I do know that, and I am sorry, but this is something you are going to have to do or you are right, we will never work because you will never understand.”

“Whatever, Jaxson. Call me when you are ready to tell me more than Riddles."

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