Fun Facts

Here are ten fun facts and me and the Rock n Roll Paraphantasy Series!
1.  It took 9 months to write to Rock n Roll Promises
2. Ozzie is my favorite Character.
3. There are several secrets throughout the story...More than just the questions the characters ask.
4.  The songs listed in the story are some of my favorites and are on several Playlists.
5.  I wrote most of this in the middle of the night!
6.  I have a Youtube playlist that I listen too when I write....Oh and I spotify!
7.  This Series will have 4-5 books
8. Some of the Characters in this series are different in the fact that even though "what" they are is not unusual "who" they are-is!  That sounds a bit confusing, but after you read it - It will make perfect sense.
9. I fought this story and it's characters for 3 months before they wore me down and I caved and wrote it out.
10. Paranormal Romance is not my favorite genre to read, but it's becoming my favorite to write!

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